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Where to buy a Tessori Product?

In our stores
Tessori Products are available only from Tessori stores.
Distance sales
Our Tessori Products are also available to purchase via our customer services and on www.tessori.com.

Where to have Tessori products repaired?

All Tessori stores have repairs department. For more information, please contact customer service.

Where are Tessori products manufactured?

The Tessori products are produced in our factory located in Pakistan, Karachi.

In our factory, the choice of the finest materials, experienced craftsmen and the extreme care devoted to all manufacturing phases of our items, perpetuate and renew our tradition of excellence and refinement.

How to place a special order?

Our craftsmen will on request customize Tessori products.

If you are interested, please contact the Tessori store or our customer service, who will provide you with more information on the feasibility and cost of your special order.

Authentic Tessori Guarantee

We guarantee the authenticity of all products purchased at Tessori showroom or through customer service. Tessori products are crafted with the highest quality materials, design and workmanship. All Tessori products are made in Pakistan, Karachi.