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Assaying means testing, and we handle precious metal assaying with the most rigorous standards to ensure that you get a fair valuation for your lot. Tessori Group has been providing the local market with assaying services for the past decades. Being one of the first gold and silver computerized assaying in Pakistan, The Tessori Gold and Silver assaying is the first In-House Electronic assayer in the country. The Group guarantees reliable, precise results courtesy of Computerized Assay techniques

Machine-Precious Metal Assaying

* Done through an x-ray analysis with our onsite x-ray machine.
* Quicker than fire assaying procedures, machine assaying
   via x-ray takes only minutes.
* The metal is melted into a bar, a pin sample is then taken and
   is x-rayed to determine purity.
* It is very accurate. While not as accurate as a fire assay, the machine
   assay is generally accurate to 5 parts per thousand.
* Provided free of charge.